Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring awareness to the many innovative opportunities in the education system through collaboration and communication so that every child has an opportunity for a quality education.
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Our Organization

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Education United is a 501(c)(4) non profit organization dedicated to providing unbiased information about educational opportunities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We believe that parents, teachers and the community are invested in seeing children develop and thrive in a 21st century American culture

We believe that embracing change with a variety of educational options empower children and families to make decisions that are right for them.

Our children are already competing in a global economy and it is our duty to provide them with the best outcomes that will prepare them for the world of work and for the personal satisfaction that comes from a broad base of knowledge that equips them to be well rounded adults in a complex society.

Education United is focused on providing awareness and information regarding the types of educational options that we believe parents and communities want to know about and our plans to improve the educational landscape for every child in Virginia. We believe that innovation, creativity, and technological advances provide unlimited opportunities for improving education in Virginia.

Gerard Robinson, Former Virginia Secretary of Education

Gerard Robinson

“If legislators and reformers care about creating stronger schools and fostering the conditions for better communities and more engaged parents, they should support programs that help foster a healthy balance in multiple education opportunities.”

– Gerard Robinson, Former Virginia Secretary of Education